Ret[AI]ling Data: Driving Success through Personalized Shopping Experience

Ret[AI]ling Data: Driving Success through Personalized Shopping Experience

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CHEN Chih-Sean, Founder & CEO, Ret[AI]ling DataCHEN Chih-Sean, Founder & CEO
To stay relevant in today’s competitive retail landscape, retail store owners need to identify and engage the right audience. But, to attract the right prospective customers, retailers have to ensure their marketing strategy is aligned with the needs and choices of people staying in the vicinity of their store location. Moreover, they need to optimize their lease management to drive business value. Taipei, Taiwan based Ret[AI]ling Data is mitigating these challenges for the physical retail stores by offering them best-in-class expansion solutions. “The artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions we offer help our clients select suitable locations and attract maximum customers,” says CHEN Chih-Sean, Founder and CEO of Ret[AI]ling Data. The company’s efficient solutions perform analysis based on the data collected from the government and Taiwan-based telecom operator partners.

One such solution is Ret[AI]ling Data®SBE that provides the best location suggestion for retailers through well-found data. In an instance, 6ixty 8ight, a Hong Kong-based female underwear brand, approached Ret[AI]ling Data with the plan to expand in Taiwan. Because of the lack of understanding of the Taiwanese market, the client was having difficulties in choosing a suitable location to set up their store. Using Ret[AI]ling Data®SBE, the client identified a location that was near the Taoyuan railway station. From the beginning, 6ixty 8ight has seen a consistent increase in customer footprint and revenue.

Adding value to Ret[AI]ling Data’s offerings is Ret[AI]ling Data®SSP (Smart Sales Promotion) system that leverages machine learning and character recognition to analyze customers’ shopping preferences.
Designed as a supportive tool for customers, the system assists in precision marketing, tracking the crowd flow, and improving the overall performance and customer engagement. Leveraging face recognition technology, the system collects real-time customer information which is analyzed to decipher the individual shopping preferences. The insights are leveraged to provide the visitors with a personalized display of recommended products. This, in turn, helps the retailers enhance their upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

The artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions we offer help our clients select suitable locations and attract maximum customers

Driven by machine learning, Ret[AI]ling Data®SSP system helps clients remove the blind spots in addressing customer needs and enhancing the shopping experiences. The system leverages open data from POS machines to improve the accuracy of the insights. In working with the customer data, the company ensures it meets the necessary compliance regulations pertaining to data integrity. “We use dots and lines to outline human faces. This ensures consumer privacy and reduced data storage requirements,” says Chih-Sean.

To understand the customer footprint more deeply, Ret[AI]ling Data provides Ret[AI]ling Data®SMF system embedded with human flow detection technology that helps retailers detect the direction and intensity of people in a commercial area. A real-time crowd flow location is obtained from the three Taiwan-based local telecom operators who record this information through mobile phone signals. Ret[AI]ling Data®SMF combines the obtained data to understand the overall pedestrian flow and crowd density in a particular area.

Backed by Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the company looks to implement motion-sensing technology in major theme parks in Taiwan to strengthen their customer interaction using motion sensing games, and customer flow control, and holistic data. Due to the massive spread of COVID-19, many brands are closing physical stores and withdrawing capital from Taiwan. To help them in this endeavor, Ret[AI]ling Data is developing a store closing system that assists in decision making.
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Ret[AI]ling Data

Ret[AI]ling Data

Taipei, Taiwan

CHEN Chih-Sean, Founder & CEO

Ret[AI]ling Data helps retailers select suitable locations to attract maximum customers and improve the business outcomes